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Cat assists in foiling a burglary.

‘Bandit’ the guard cat has done better than some dogs!

Over in the US, a cat has saved its owner's life after buglers break in during the night. 

The Mississippi ‘guard cat’ named Bandit noticed the intruders entering her home in the middle of the night and woke up her owner to warn him of the danger.

68-year-old Fred Everitt told The Associated Press that between 2:30 am and 3 am, his calico cat Bandit woke him up with her meows.

When Bandit first started to enter his room and started yanking his comforter off of him and biting his arm, he realised something wasn't right.

When Everitt got up, he saw two men trying to force open his backdoor with a crowbar, one armed with a handgun!

Thanks to Bandit’s quick response, Everitt was able to return to the kitchen promptly with his handgun, which sent the two men fleeing. 

Who needs an alarm system when you have a cat!