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The internet is up in the arms over this "offensively" milky cup of tea
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The internet is up in the arms over this "offensively" milky cup of tea

"Making tea like this should be a criminal offence."

There’s a specific art to making the perfect cup of tea. 

Whether you like it with a dash of milk or not at all, we all have our personal preferences.

And what we all can agree on is the criminal offence of a watery, milky tea that hasn’t brewed for more than two seconds…

That’s why Twitter users were left reeling after a picture of an extremely watery and milky tea was posted on the NoContextBrits account.

The horrid cuppa was compared to ‘dishwater,’ ‘paint brush rinse water’, and ‘bath water’ by outraged commenters. 

One Twitter user actually thought the maker of the drink was washing the cup out.

Another went as far as to say that the drink couldn’t even be called tea.

Apparently, our less than two-second brew comment was quite generous, as a third said “it’s had less than a millisecond”.

Honestly, it’s a brutal world of tea critics out there, and if this wasn’t proof enough, earlier this year a woman was called out for her tea-making sins after a video went viral on TikTok. 

The clip blew up in the United Kingdom after an American woman showed off her take on the classic 'British tea' but butchered it.

People were threatening to 'call their therapists' after watching the TikToker show off her tea-making method.

British viewers took their frustrations and shock to the comment section on the Tiktok, with one commenting: "*cry's in British*".

A second joked: "My therapist is gonna need a therapist after this one."

"Traumatised. From the bottled water to her use of an 'electric British kettle', this video is a total disaster from start to finish,” wrote a third.