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Our office reacts to 4 year-old Breeze listener singing The Breeze Jingle

Thank you Gabby for making our entire team's day with your beautiful cover!

This morning 4-year-old Gabby from Auckland made our entire team's day by sending us his adorable cover on The Breeze jingle.

After getting this awesome message from Gabby's mum, we had to go around the office and spread happiness.

So here are a few of the reactions that we managed to capture.

Like Jeanette said in the video, someone really needs to give him the singing contract! 

Lyrics of the Breeze Auckland Jingle:

Auckland city you’re a friend of mine

And you sure got a friend in The Breeze

Last year, for the very first time one of our Breeze jingle was translated into Te Reo. 

After Robert & Jeanette released the waiata on air for the very first time, Robert became emotional as he remembered a time when people were reprimanded for speaking Te Reo. 

Checkout the emotional moment here.