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Family explains how these cousins are also technically brothers

This would get a little complicated during the school family tree assignment

Ever wondered what would happen if identical twin sisters married identical twin brothers and they both had children at the same time? Well, apparently it equals something called ‘quaternary twins’. 
Quaternary twins are when babies are technically cousins but are also, genetically speaking, brothers/sisters. 

Twins Briana & Brittany Deane, and Josh & Jeremy are the parents to Jax and Jett, a pair of quaternary twins born three months apart. 

Jax and Jett are genetically brothers since they have the same DNA. This makes the family one of just 300 quaternary families in the world! 

Brittany, whos married to Josh and the mother of Jett, told NBC News that because of the situation the kids are they are more closely related than typical cousins.

The four parents are quite well known on Instagram where they share their lives, even down to living in the same house with the same bank account?! That would be one very busy household. 


- Jeremy to 'Entertainment Tonight'

Josh and Jeremy first met Brittany and Briana at a festival for twins in 2017, and each proposed six months later with identical custom rings. 

The couples attracted so much attention that TLC even ran a programme called ‘Our Twinsane wedding’, broadcasting the two couple’s weddings.