Duran Duran's Nick and Roger reveal their "major fashion faux pas" in the '80s

music news 04/08/2022

The '80s were certainly a memorable decade when it comes to many things including fashion!  

Iconic '80s band  Duran Duran were not only ruling with their music but also their fashion. 

“Style has always been very important to us,” Duran Duran frontman, Simon Le Bon said in an interview with Vogue.

Although we do appreciate some great fashion trends, looking back there are some "major fashion faux pas" which makes us question ourselves!

From hair scarves to rolled-up sleeves, Duran Duran always got it right when it came to fashion!

Robert Scott asked Duran Duran's Nick and Roger if there were any major fashion faux pas when looking back.

"I think there was something I wore in the Arcadia period that I saw recently which looked particularly silly"they told Robert Scott. 

It was the hood involved

Arcadia was a sub-group of Duran Duran formed in 1985 by Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor. 

"I think everybody who went through the '80s, probably wore similar stuff you know what was fashionable then. Nobody ever forced us to wear anything, it was all stuff that we wear" they said which is absolutely true. 

Talking about their "thick and luxurious hair", Robert Scott asked what hair colour was their most outrageous one throughout the years.

They revealed "lilac" to be the most difficult hair colour to live with!

"What do you think Rog? The purple or the lilac? Nick asked Roger. 

"I think lilac was probably the most difficult to live with" Roger replied.

Listen to their chat below. 

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