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Beautiful moment of Michael Bublé getting emotional while singing with gospel choir

What a spine-tingling performance from Michael Bublé and the choir!

We love this double surprise!

Michael Bublé was asked to suprise the London choir 'West End Gospel' when he was in London promoting his "Higher" tour. Little did he know, he was in for a surprise too. 

The choirmaster Nathaniel and Michael Bublé's crew were the only ones who knew about this double surprise. 

The choir had been practicing "Bring It On Home to Me' thinking they were being featured on some promotional videos.  

Michael came through the doors and surprised the choir. Just after the exciting meet up, the chorimaster asked Michael to sing with them.

"We're gonna get you singing with us" the choirmaster said.

Looking confused, not knowing what he will be singing, he just agreed.

"You might know it. It's a song you might know" the choirmaster told Michael.

Once the choirmaster started off the song, Michael Bublé's mouth opens wide, and he gets very emotional realizing that it's his song "Bring It On Home to Me" from his latest album Higher

He joins and it's just a spine-tingling performance.

"It's the best day ever" Michael Bublé says mid-performance. 

"Oh I'm so emotional" Michael Bublé takes a pause when talking about how that was one of the greatest moments ever. 

He hopes that when he comes to London for his tour, the choir would agree and join him live on stage, so they could bring this to the fans.

Watch the absolutely brilliant performance from Michael Bublé and the West End Gospel choir below.