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Aussie mum shares her ultimate trick to get clothes and linen crisp and white again

"These miracle laundry blocks are my secret to clean and care for white clothing"

When it comes to wearing white you can neither trust your kids, nor your partner or even yourself!

There will always be a risk when it comes to white clothes, so in order to lessen the stress that comes with wearing white,  knowing this genius cleaning hack from this mum may help you. 

Being a cleaning expert herself, Carolina Mc Cauley revealed her homemade 'laundry whitening blocks' is what she stands by when it comes to leaving her white clothing and bed linen looking like new. 

Instead of the regular detergent and stain remover, she uses a mixture of products that she loads in with all her white clothing and linen. 

"These miracle laundry blocks are my secret to clean and care for white clothing" she wrote in the caption along with the video.

In order to make this mum's laundry blocks, you will need a cup of borax, 1/2 cup of oxy bleach, water, silicone mould or ice tray.

The mum of two added the borax, oxy bleach in a bowl. She then 'slowly added' water onto them until she got a 'a wet sand consistency'.

Then she placed this mixture onto a silicone mould (you can use an ice cube tray) and left it to dry.

Next she removed the 'blocks' out of the mould and put it inside a jar and stored in a dry place. She popped in one of her dried blocks in the washing machine along with her white clothes, without any detergent or stain removers.

"This miracle block will replace your detergent and stain remover" she writes on the video clip. 

Viewers were stoked about this 'genius recipe' to get clothes crisp and white again. 

"Carolina this works like a charm thank you for always sharing 🥰" a viewer thanked after using her method. 

She revealed that she found the mould at Kmart.

Someone asked what temperature would be the best to use for white clothes and sheets. To which Carolina recommended a cold wash.

Borax is especially harmful/poisonous if it's ingested or inhaled. If you have children or pets at home, make sure to keep borax in a place they cannot reach it. Also make sure to wear rubber gloves when handling borax, especially if you have open wounds or broken skin.

Borax is a compound mostly found in multi-purpose cleaning products due to its powerful antifungal properties.