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A Ferris Bueller spin-off movie about two supporting characters is on the way
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A Ferris Bueller spin-off movie about two supporting characters is on the way

It's coming from the same people who made Cobra Kai and will follow two unexpected side characters.

A spinoff from the 1986 classic filmFerris Bueller’s Day Off’ has been given the green light by Paramount Pictures, Deadline reports. 

The movie’s working title is currently ‘Sam and Victor’s Day Off’ and will be made by the creators of ‘Cobra-Kai’ the successful spin-off to another 80’s classic, ‘The Karate Kid’.

If you are wondering who Sam and Victor are, that’s understandable, as they were not given names in the original film. Sam and Victor are the valets that took Cameron’s Dad’s red Ferrari for a spin.

Richard Edson and the late Larry ‘Flash’ Jenkins played the joy-riding valets in the original film but it is yet to be announced who will star in the spinoff. 

Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald will be working on the film. As mentioned before, they have experience reworking an 80s film into an entertaining modern-day product, having created the Netflix show ‘Cobra Kai’.

Cobra Kai follows the now middle-aged Johnny Lawrence (the ‘bad guy’ in the ‘Karate Kid’) and Ralph Maccio as they start their own karate dojos.

The series has been nominated for many awards, including the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, so it’s safe to say the Ferris Bueller spinoff is in good hands. 

The original film is a beloved movie. It has a 92% audience rating on movie reviewing site Rotten Tomatoes, as well as an A- audience rating on another movie reviewing website, CinemaScore. 

Matthew Broderick, who played Ferris Bueller, once said that his role in the film is the stand out of his career, and people still come up to him as if he is Bueller. 

“It eclipsed everything, I should admit, and to some degree it still does,” he said. 

“For the past 25 years,” he said at a 2010 Oscar tribute for the film’s creator John Hughes. “Nearly every day someone comes up to me, taps me on the shoulder and says, ‘Hey, Ferris, is this your day off?’”