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14yo stunningly 'reinvents Elton John's Rocket Man' at America's Got Talent

Elton John needs to see Sara James' incredible rendition of his song 'Rocket Man'!

Sara James, 14 has stunned America's Got Talent (AGT) judges, the audience, and people around the globe with her breathtaking performance of Elton John's 'Rocket Man'.

Her take on this Elton John song was just WOW.

Viewers have been mindblown by the 14-year-old's performance - and so have we!

"Beautiful, the way that she just effortlessly reinvented Rocket Man was so mind blowing, i didn’t want her to stop singing" one wrote.

"She is a star. She did the song justice and more" another wrote.

Despite what the results of AGT may be, one thing we know for sure is that her name will appear on music charts soon and she is an upcoming global sensation. 

"I had chills during and after this performance! A new singing star had her coming out performance. Sara James, you are amazing!"

"Sara has Talent! We are witnessing the birth of a new global star. I bet Simon Cowell already knows what to do with her talent, and ideas for collaborations are being born in his head! Sara I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed for you and discover even more - a beautiful musical world!"

"This was simply a masterpiece. It’s not a question of IF but WHEN will this young lady become an international music superstar. Her understanding of how to emote lyrics at 14 is phenomenal. We are witnessing the birth of a global megastar on the same vein as Beyoncé and Rihanna. The worlds record labels and producers will be lining up to work with her".

At the beginning of this AGT season, when she auditioned for the show, she was just 13-yeas-old. After performing Billie Eilish's 'Lovely', and wowing the judges, she got the golden buzzer from Simon Cowell. 

If there was a way to get a golden buzzer again at this stage of the show, she would have undoubtedly received one. 

"This would’ve gotten her the golden buzzer. Literally two golden buzzer performances in a row" one viewer wrote.