You can now buy a bouquet of Tim Tams

NZ 04/07/2022

Sure, flowers are nice, but they're kind of expensive, they drop leaves and pollen all over the place and, well… you can't eat them. 

Thankfully, you can now give the gift of chocolate by presenting your loved one with a literal bouquet of Tim Tams. 

Tim Tams bouquet arrangement

World Chocolate Day is on July 7th and to celebrate this special day Arnott's have launched a limited-edition Tim Tam Bouquet.

The Tim Tam Bouquet's has all our favourite popular Tim Tam flavours - Original, Double Coat and Chewy Caramel.

Tim Tams bouquet flavours

This bouquet is perfectly set in a brushed metal tin that can be repurposed once the Tim Tam stems are long gone.

"We all need a reason to indulge a little and World Chocolate Day provides us with exactly that – a chance to enjoy and share our love of both Arnott’s and chocolate" Michelle Kitchen, Arnott's Brand Manager said.

We wanted to make New Zealand’s favourite chocolate biscuit available in a way it hasn’t been done before. Whether it’s a surprise gift for a loved one or you’re treating yourself, the occasion is a delicious reason to celebrate with Tim Tam.

Tim Tam bouquets are now available nationwide from Edible Blooms but get in quick because World Chocolate Day is just around the corner, and there's only limited stock available.