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Woman impresses AGT judges with beautiful rendition of ABBA's 'Dancing Queen'

What a beautiful rendition of Dancing Queen!

This rendition of ABBA's 'Dancing Queen' is just WOW.

Debbii Dawson put her own spin on this classic song from ABBA for her audition at the America's Got Talent, and it was absolutely beautiful. 

Simon Cowell complimented her performance by saying that she "literally made it" her own version.

"I'm going to remember this audition and I'm really really happy that you've auditioned on this show," Simon said. 

"I wouldn't mind listening to your voice all day long" Sofia said.

Same Sofia same...

Without any doubt, she gets four yeses!

The judges even talked to her parents to give them the big news that her daughter is going to the next round.

"Your daughter, just saying, she blew the roof off the place here" Howie told Debbii's dad. 

Earlier before her performance, she explained to the judges how music is "more than like a hobby" it's a legacy for her. Her parents are both professional musicians, and it just seems to run in the family. The night being such a special and important one for Debbii, Simon asked if her parents were there in the audience. She then said that they weren't there and that "they couldn't make it".

But when the dad was asked why he and his wife didn't come for her audition, it was a complete plot twist. 

"She told me not to come" her dad told the judges.

"Debbii! You didn't tell us that" Simon told Debbii after hearing that.

Watch her full performance below.