Shania Twain surprises fans with trailer for her new Netflix documentary

music news 22/07/2022

Are you ready?

Shania Twain released the trailer for her new Netflix documentary called "Not Just A Girl". 

Produced by Mercury Studios and directed by Joss Crowley, the documentary takes viewers on a journey from her humble beginnings till now. 

The trailer opens with Shania narrating via voiceover “Taking the risks to do things your way can be scary".

You gotta be brave

The documentary will feature archival footage alongside an interview with Shania Twain. A few famous faces appear in the film including Lionel Richie. They talk about her lasting impact on both country and pop music.

"She was the first person to break that door open and go across the music genres. She was at trailblazer" Lionel Richie said. 

Shania herself tweeted her excitement after watching the trailer.

"OMG I love this trailer!! It's crazy to see my entire career in 90seconds 😂" she wrote.

Not too long untill it releases!

The documentary will be available on Netflix from Tuesday, July 26.