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Ronan Keating admits feeling ‘nervous’ to watch son Jack on Love Island
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Ronan Keating admits feeling ‘nervous’ to watch son Jack on Love Island

"My heart was beating out of my chest."

Beloved Irish singer Ronan Keating has admitted to being ‘nervous as hell’ to see his son Jack on the hit reality TV show ‘Love Island’.

Keating, talking to DailyMail, said that he’s feeling anxious but also eager to see his 23-year-old on the pop-culture sensation of a TV show. 

“I’m excited for him though, this is something he wanted to do, and I’ll always support him and all my kids in their endeavours.”

The Boyzone star says the family home is missing Jack, but they’ll be his biggest fans while he’s on the show. 

“The house is not the same without him and his little brother and sister are missing playing with him every day but we’re tuning in every night to get our Jack fix and see where this adventure takes him.”

Sounds like Mr Ronan Keating is an absolutely incredible father!

Jack was quick to bring up how close his family is on his show, telling another Love Island contestant, Gemma Owen, daughter of footballer Michael Owen, that he wants a girl with strong family values. 

“I am very family-oriented, my parents are separated, and my dad remarried five or six years ago. I live with my dad and his sister and his family now,” he told Gemma poolside.

"It would be something that I look for in a girl, someone that isn’t family orientated I’d be like…I’ve got a big family, crazy family at home, so you best be ready for that."

We wish Jack all the best on his Love Island adventure, and if there’s anyone who thinks he’s faking who his father is, just take a look at this side-by-side Ronan shared of him and his son at the same age on his Instagram.

They’re identical!