MasterChef New Zealand's final two contestants

MasterChef New Zealand 12/07/2022

And then there were two.

After competing with 25 great cooks, two of the contestants have made their way to the Grand Finale of MasterChef New Zealand.

Before the semi-finals, the three contestants - Sam, Alice and Elliot had to recreate one of Sid Sahrawat's most intricate and difficult dishes for their technical round.

 Elliot won a direct entry to the finale through this technical dish round.

Elliot's technical dish

The direct entry to the finale for Elliot meant a one on one semi finale between Sam and Alice. 


In the penultimate episode, Alice and Sam showcased their skills and competed against one another to join Elliot for the final.

For their invention test, both of them had to create two dishes - one heroing vegetable and the other fruits.

Sam made his way to the finale with his 'Mushroom tree with Seeded Mushroom soil and Liquorice Moss' and 'Strawberry and Cream with Horseradish Granita'.

"I'm really proud of my dish today. It screams elegance, it's me in a bowl, it's growth in terms of dessert and also it's surprise in flavour" Sam described his dessert that heroed fruits. 

Alice, you're incredibly talented and we can't wait to see what you do next.

Congratulations to both Elliot and Sam for making it to the finale!

Who will become the winner of this season's MasterChef New Zealand?  We will all find out on Sunday 17th July after 7 pm on Three or Three Now.