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Kate Bush fans' annual 'Wuthering Heights' performance dressed like her goes viral

Every July fans from all over gather to perform 'Wuthering Heights' dressed like Kate Bush herself.

Did you know every July Kate Bush fans gather to perform in 'Wuthering Heights' dressed in red like Kate Bush?

The event is called 'The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever' and is held in different locations around the world. Fans get together and recreate her moves and vibes from Kate Bush's music video 'Wuthering Heights. 

This event was first founded by the British Group Shambush. In this event fans recreate the 1978 music video all dressed in red as a way to raise funds. 

A video compilation of fans around the world performing 'Wuthering Heights' has taken the internet by storm. 

Little kids from around age 3 up until older women and men can all be seen dancing away to 'Wuthering Heights'

Thom, who was one of the dancers seen in the front row in the viral video shared a photo of himself saying that's him. 

"That’s me! The bald Bush with the beard at the start. I’ve finally gone viral! " he wrote. 

Aussie fans also shared a photo from their dance on 'Wuthering Heights'. 

Last year, Kiwis took part in this event which was held in Dunedin on July 17, 2021. 

Watch it below.