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Julie Andrews explains her biggest concern starring in 'The Sound of Music'
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Julie Andrews explains her biggest concern starring in 'The Sound of Music'

The actress was well-loved for her performance as Maria von Trapp.

Legendary actress Julie Andrews has starred in numerous films, but one of her best has always been the 1965 movie 'The Sound of Music'. While we may see it as one of the most loved movies in all of film history (as well as a multi-award-winning Oscar film) Julie Andrews had been quite hesitant about the project.

In a recent interview, the 86-year-old actress admitted that she and numerous cast and crew had concerns about adapting the musical to film.

Talking to Vanity Fair, she explains she was concerned about how "saccharine" or sugary the story would appear, due to the sweeping landscapes and adorable von Trapp children. But she credits her co-star Christopher Plummer, who starred as Captain Georg von Trapp, who  “gave the film its glue”.

“When it came time to do the movie, I think most of us felt that the piece could be quite saccharine if we were not careful. I know our director Robert Wise felt that way, I know that the wonderful Christopher Plummer felt that way, and I certainly did also."

"So, there were some conversations before we began filming, how best to get rid of the really sugary parts of the film. It’s mostly because with that beautiful scenery, and seven children, and that glorious music, if you weren’t careful it could be very, very sugary."

"It was really thanks to Chris Plummer, who gave the film its glue. He was the firm, stern, father of the children, and the antagonist that I had to work with."

Julie praised the late Christopher Plummer for the success she had while starring as Maria von Trapp, which won her an Oscar nomination.

"Chris was such a wonderful actor. We became great friends and, until he passed away fairly recently, we saw each other a lot. We knew each other. We stayed a friend and it was very pleasant."

Julie Andrews isn't slowing down her career, with roles as the voice of Lady Whistledown in 'Bridgerton' and Gru’s mom in the newly released 'Minions: The Rise of Gru'.

Watch Julie Andrews break down her iconic film roles in the Vanity Fair interview above.