Coromandel cat returns home after being missing for eight years

NZ 29/06/2022

By Brad Lewis via Today FM

Eight years after Coromandel cat Pipi went missing, owner Lisa Grove received a call that she had all but lost hope for.

The cat, who disappeared after being relocated away from Whititoa, had returned to her hometown. 

We'll never know what Pipi endured on his long journey, but he did apparently spend the last eight weeks of it locked in a shed and was looking a bit rough around the edges. 


"It was so unbelievable," Grove told Today FM's Tova.

"We thought eight years, he's probably passed away by now and they phoned in and said that he had been locked in a shed. 

"He's very skinny. And I mean, he's 12, so he's pretty old. Yeah, it was really, really shocking."


Grove said Pipi looked tired and forlorn when they saw him for the first time, but he quickly piped up. 

"We called his name and he was lying down looking all sorry for himself. 

"And he stood up and he was meowing like he was telling us a story

"I went here and I've been there. I've been looking for you everywhere


Grove said Pipi is settling into life at his new home well. 

"It's really good. He sleeps in our wash house. He's got a nice bed in our wash house, but he prefers to sleep on top of the washing machine. 

"And he lives like a king. He eats tuna and spring water - the humankind. And he thinks that's pretty good. He lets you know when he wants some more tuna."

This article was originally posted by Today FM.
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