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Group of women successfully prank their husbands in wearing same shirts at lunch

The video has taken the internet by storm with the husbands' hilarious reactions and laughs!

The video of a group of women successfully pranking their husbands has gone viral on Twitter. With nearly 7 million views in just one night, it gives a good laugh to all the viewers.

"A group of women all bought their husbands the same shirt and didn’t tell them..." user @elistender10 said on Twitter.

In the video, the husbands arrive at the table one after another wearing the same striped shirt, and the reaction on their faces are priceless. 

The laughter is contagious, and one of the husbands may have even gone under the table to control his laughter. 

One viewer wrote, "That’s genius. Hard not to have a good giggle."

"I love how the guys are all laughing about it. It is so funny" another said.

"That’s what I loved too! I kept laughing because the guys were laughing so hard!" a viewer agreed.

One viewer even shared a photo showing that he got pranked in the same exact way by their partners. 

Many viewers found this prank and reaction hilarious, but there were a few who questioned why all the husbands let their wives decide on what to wear.

One replied explaining that it's not that hard if a wife just casually suggests a shirt/outfit to wear.

For instance, "Honey, why don't you wear that new shirt tonight that I got you?" she wrote.