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Bradley Walsh reveals characteristics that make a good Chaser
Must See
Must See

Bradley Walsh reveals characteristics that make a good Chaser

Have you got the characteristic s to compete at the Chase?

The Chase host Bradley Walsh said the most important characteristic in a Chaser for him, is "personality".

"We have the most marvellous network out there looking for Chasers of top, top quality, but it's not necessarily that they need to be solely knowledgeable. They have to have a personality that will work for us" Bradley Walsh told Stuff.

He also added that the other important characteristic is "competitiveness".

"You've got the baddies and the goodies. I'm always on the side of the contestants, so I want them to win desperately, and let me tell you, I don't know how much time you have spent in the company of the Chasers, but when they lose, they really don't like it" he said. 

"I think that comes through and is part of the reason people love watching it so much. We’ve got the six best brains in the world on our show and they’re great characters" he added. 

The success of the show and its popularity itself speaks volume about how entertaining the show is. 

When Bradley Walsh was brought to the notice about his show is extremely popular among Kiwis, he was speechless. 

"It really is fantastic that our quiz show from here in the UK is one of the most popular television programmes in the whole of New Zealand, all the way round the other side of the world! We all love making the show and to hear it’s enjoyed by so many around the globe is brilliant" Bradley Walsh said.

Back in February, Bradley Walsh was astounded by a contestant's cash builder round on The Chase. Contestant John was facing Mark 'The Beast' Labbett when he won a full-house in the quick-fire round answering all the 11 questions correctly. Check it out below.