Billy Joel clears up the story about his "feud" with Elton John

music news 14/07/2022

Elton John and Billy Joel fans know the sudden end of their collaboration and their bickering and clashes in the past.

But not to worry, Billy Joel has said it himself that they love and respect one another.

"We're good. I think the press likes to make it like there's a feud going on. There isn't, really. We respect each other and we love each other," Billy Joel spoke on his relationship with Elton John, to Robert Scott.


And we had a great time working together, so there's no problem there.

During his chat with Robert Scott, he also reminisced about the time here in New Zealand when he learned a big lesson that if the sign says “gravel road” it’s actually gravel road. 

“First time we ever played New Zealand. We rented a couple of motorcycles and drove around,” Billy said. 

And I realized when you see a sign that says Gravel Road, that's really a gravel road.

"They're not just little pebbles, they're huge pieces of gravel. And you go swimming in with the motorcycle, and I’m not doing it this time,” he added. 

Billy Joel will return to New Zealand for one show only at Auckland's Eden Park, December 3rd 2022.