Barbie honours David Bowie with his own Barbie doll

Must See 01/07/2022

Mattel, the toy company behind Barbie has just created a David Bowie Barbie doll to honour his contributions to music, art, fashion, and film.

The David Bowie Barbie Doll "celebrates the 50th anniversary of his classic Hunky Dory, the iconic “Life on Mars?” video, and an outfit forever associated with this ultimate pop chameleon" Mattel wrote on their website. 

The doll incorporates all the significant details from his nail paints to his heels.

 "It's a tribute to Bowie – his outfit, his makeup, his features – to emulate his essence and make sure it looked like Barbie, but as Bowie," Linda Kyaw-Merschon, the designer said.