Chef shares his hack for peeling potatoes

Professional cook shares his lightning fast potato peeling hack

Must See 17/06/2022

Anyone who spends a bit of time in the kitchen knows the dread when the tedious task of peeling potatoes rolls around. 

Well, Sonny Hurrell,  a professional chef with 15 years of experience, has just saved our time and fingers after sharing his hack on his TikTok account, @thatdudecancook.

Hurrell demonstrates how he inserts his fork into the top of the potato, peels the middle, and then flips it up to peel the bottom.

He then removes the fork and simply peels the top of the potato.

In the video, Hurrell uses a lightning-fast movement so take care when trying this hack for yourself.

The trick went down a treat with Hurrell’s followers with one questioning, “Why did I never think of this?”

Another thanked the chef: "OMG. I curse peeling potatoes. Never again. Thank you!"

"Absolute game-changer," a third wrote.

But that’s not the only kitchen hack the chef has brought to the table.

He also shared his technique of slicing onions “the pro way”. 

Instead of peeling the onion first, the chef goes straight to cutting the veggie in half.

 He then reveals all of his tips and tricks for dicing and slicing.