Museum posts school chair with 'Benny + Linda' graffiti, Benny gives update 50 years on

Must See 16/06/2022

An adorable story is resurfacing online of a love that was immortalised via a message scratched on a school desk.

Last year, The History Museum in South Bend, Indiana received a donation of two auditorium seats from the local high school.

On the arm of one of the chairs, a cute little engraving was found that reads: ‘Benny + Linda - 2/2/65’.

In a Facebook post, the museum asked Benny and Linda to come forward and let them know if they were still together.

Amazingly, the post did manage to find its way to Benny, who provided the heartwarming story of high school sweethearts preserved on the wooden chair.

“Yes I carved that sitting in the auditorium of Central High School my freshman year before leaving for LaSalle,” Benny (now Ben) replied in the comments.

Linda and I are still together after having three wonderful girls and 50 years of marriage. Told my friends in fourth grade I was going to marry Linda and here we are heading for 51 years together on August 1.

“Smartest thing I ever did in my life was marry this kind and pretty lady," he continued. "Thanks for sharing.”

How cute is that?! What an amazing story and how awesome that it is immortalised forever in a museum.