Rod Stewart pays tribute to his late father in new song 'Touchline'

music news 20/06/2022

Sir Rod Stewart released a new song in honour of his late father for Father's Day. (The United Kingdom celebrates Father's day on the third Sunday of June.)

Reminiscing the beautiful old days, the music video includes videos and photographs of him and his dad's fond memories. 

"If you know anything about me you know that our dad’s love of football has most definitely left its impact on me and my brothers and I’m delighted that it’s now such an important part of my children’s lives as well" he said. 

The song “Touchline” was my tribute to him and I’m so happy and moved that the new video takes that to the ultimate level just in time for Father’s Day

The song starts off with, 

"There he'd stand
Every Saturday afternoon
Rain pouring down that well worn face
With a cigarette in his mouth"

and ends with

"Now it's my time on the side in the rain
And watch my boys play the beautiful game
And sometimes, sometimes
I look up to the clouds and I say
"Dad I hope you're looking down"
'Cause if it wasn't for you
All this might not have been"

Absolutely beautiful song from Sir Rod Stewart!