Queen's Brian May sheds a tear after the virtual duet with Freddie Mercury

music news 15/06/2022

Queen fans get your tissues ready because you could be shedding some tears!

Queen's Brian May has been performing a virtual duet with late frontman Freddie Mercury at every concert. But recently while performing the duet in London, it got a bit too emotional for him.

Brian May performed 'Love of my Life' with Freddie Mercury on the big screen. Both Brian and Freddie are projected on the big screen like it was a real duo. 

Right after the performance ended, Freddie bowed to the audience, teased his friend and slowly left the stage while looking at the audience.

Brian May seemed to be holding on to the tears, but eventually, he wiped his tears away. 

An emotional and special moment for both fans and Brian May. 

Watch it below.