Queen, Rod Stewart, Duran Duran and Ed Sheeran's remarkable performance at the Buckingham Palace

Must See 07/06/2022

After a great surprise intro from Paddington and the Queen herself, Queen and Adam Lambert opened the 'Platinum Party at the Palace' with 'We Will Rock You'.

Brian May looked absolutely amazing playing from the top of the Buckingham Palace.

The royal family and the royal fans sang along to the band as they rocked their performance.

The other two songs they sang right after was 'Don't Stop Me Now' and 'We Are The Champions'. 

Sir Rod Stewart looked great in his yellow blazer and stunningly performed 'Baby Jane', followed by Neil Diamond's classic 'Sweet Caroline'.

The dad-son duo was thoroughly enjoying Sir Rod Stewart's performance of 'Sweet Caroline'.

Duran Duran took everyone back to the 80's with their rocking performance. They performed 'Notorious' and 'Girls On Film'

Last month the Royal Family had shared the setlist announcing the artists who were to perform at the Platinum Party concert. They had stated that they won't be revealing some artists as a surprise for the evening itself. Ed Sheeran was one of them! He perfectly sang 'Perfect'.

 Ed spoke about how much it meant to him to perform at the Platinum Jubilee, saying: "This is like a full circle nostalgia moment. This is the event I picked up a guitar at seeing Eric Clapton and then ten years ago go to play it at the Diamond Jubilee.”

He added: "I find it really surreal. I do find it really surreal. I've still got the (2002 Golden Jubilee concert) Party at the Palace DVD in my house. These events make you pinch yourself".

It's very rare you actually get days like this to feel patriotic. I think the last like this was the Euros final.

Although Elton John could not be there to perform in person, his beautiful pre-recorded performance of 'Your Song' was projected on the big walls. 

There were many more artists who were there to perform that night, celebration Queen's amazing 70 years of reign.

Happy Jubilee to the Queen once again! A celebration that will be etched in many people's hearts forever.

If you'd like to watch the concert, it is available on TVNZ On Demand.