New survey reveals the age we feel our sexiest - and it's older than you might think

Must See 23/06/2022

When we reach the age of 53, some of us may feel that we've passed our prime right?


Over-50s dating service research Ourtime insists that we are at our sexiest in or 50’s.

Honor Mark shares her 50's confidence
Honor Marks, 57, believes "confidence is sexy."

According to a survey, 41 percent of 53-year-olds claimed they felt more comfortable in their own skin and confident in their appearance than ever before.

When it comes to dating, 18 percent believe it is hotter and more exciting now than when they were younger.

Over half, 53%, say they now know what they want, while 40% say they've let go of worrying about how they appear to others.

Rachel Peru of Ourtime said: 'Being single later in life doesn't have to mean your love life is over.' 

You do gain more confidence the older you get and you understand what you want and don’t want from a relationship.

Instagram coach Honor Marks, 57, also believes that these results would resonate with a lot of women her age.

Mark shared: "I still have insecurities but at the end of the day, I wish I knew what I know now at 20, and 30 and even 40.”

I now realise that what other people think of me is really none of my business.

She added that "confidence is sexy, it doesn't matter what size or age you are, it comes from within but I think age gives you that gravitas.”

Other reasons for gaining confidence as you get older include understanding who your friends are and not spending time with those who aren't worth your time, learning to say no by the age of 50, and feeling at peace with yourself.