Kenny Loggins performs an acoustic version of 'Danger Zone' for the first time

music news 16/06/2022

Did you ever imagine there would be an acoustic version of 'Danger Zone'? Well, here it is, and it's also performed by the one and only Kenny Loggins. 

Top Gun: Maverick has been doing extremely well in the theatres, but we can never forget the OG Top Gun especially the soundtrack 'Danger Zone'. 

Every Top Gun fan got hit with nostalgia when 'Danger Zone' played at the beginning of the new Top Gun sequel. 

Kenny Loggins recently did an incredible acoustic performance of 'Danger Zone' for the first time for the Legacy Concert Series of The Church Studio.

After all these years, he still hit the high notes perfectly. Go Kenny! 

Kenny Loggins revealed in his memoir 'Still Alright' that he imitated Tina Turner's style of singing when he was recording 'Danger Zone' for Top Gun

"She had adopted a rock attitude that was so aggressive — the tone and where she was singing in her throat. And her pronunciation of words. I think you can hear it mostly with the way I say “danger zone” — that’s the way Tina would’ve pronounced it" he told Los Angeles Times.

One of the things that movie songs gave me the freedom to do was to be whoever I wanted to be, because it wasn’t really a Kenny Loggins thing. It was a movie thing.

Amazing Kenny!