Here's how Kiwis can exchange old gas heaters for new electric heaters for free

NZ 13/06/2022

In order to help make Kiwi homes warmer and safer this winter, The Warehouse is offering Kiwis a new electric heater in exchange for old gas heaters and for absolutely no charge.

For the next three weeks (June 13 to July 3), The Warehouse will run its first Healthy heater swap in 30 stores throughout the country, where people can bring their LPG gas heater to exchange for a new electric one. 

According to a recent report, 64% of New Zealanders are living with one or more of the following: presence of mold, poor or no insulation, gaps in floorboards, walls, windows, or no heating in the main living area or bedroom. 

“The heaters also release moisture and can be expensive to run, making them unhealthy for Kiwis and the environment, and is the reason why experts are calling for the switch to electric heating,” The Warehouse Group sustainability lead David Benattar said. 

He explained the respiratory damage that indoor LPG gas heaters cause as they emit a 'significant amount' of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, pollutants that can trigger asthma and other respiratory conditions. 

By encouraging Kiwis to remove unflued gas heaters from their homes and offering a free swap for a more energy-efficient and healthier alternative, we're helping families ensure they have warm and healthier homes this winter.

This move has also been supported by Associate Health Minister Dr. Ayesha Verrall.

 "It's great to see The Warehouse taking the proactive steps to do something about this issue. Especially in not just helping educate people around the potential harms that indoor gas heaters can cause, but also offering an exchange for a new, safer electric alternative" she said.

"This is a great initiative that offers a tangible solution which will help ensure Kiwis keep warm, dry and more importantly healthy in their own homes this winter" she added. 

All indoor LPG gas heaters will be accepted no matter where they had first been purchased. The LPG bottles need to be removed from the heater and the returned heaters will get recycled through the social enterprise All Heart NZ. 

In order to swap your gas heater, you will need to book a time slot here: Warehouse Heater Swap . You can then take it to the store when the time arrives, and they will swap it for a free new electric heater!