Here's how 'Sound of Music' kids look like after 57 years

Must See 15/06/2022

'Sound of Music' a classic and a favourite of many was first released back in 1965 which was 57 years ago. 

Just recently Julie Andrews, 86 who played 'Maria' in the movie was honoured with AFI's 'Lifetime Achievement Award'. 

Five of the Von Trapp siblings from the movie were present there during this special occasion. It was a spine-tingling moment when they lead the crowd in a sing-along of 'Do-Re-Mi'.

If you're wondering how the seven Von Trapp siblings look like after all these years, here it is:

Liesl Von Trapp

Charmine Carr played the eldest of the Von Trapp children. After the musical movie, she quit acting and starter her own business as a successful interior designer.

She sadly passed away in 2016 at age 73 after suffering complications with dementia.

Friederich Von Trapp

Nicholas Hammond played Friederich Von Trapp is currently 72 and has been directing, producing and acting. 

Recently he played director Sam Wanamaker in the Quentin Tarantino film 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'.

Louisa Von Trapp

Heather Menzies played the character Louisa Von Trapp. She was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and sadly passed away in 2017. 

She starred in numerous TV shows since the movie, and decided to stop acting after her second husband's death in 2002.

Brigitta Von Trapp

Angela Cartwright played Brigitta Von Trap and she's currently 69. She continued acting in films and TV shows.

She became a successful artist, photographer, and novelist. 

Kurt Von Trapp

Duane Chase,71  played the cheeky middle child Kurt in the musical movie. He is now a geologist and computer software designer.

He continued acting throughout his teens. 

Marta Von Trapp

Debbie Turner who played Marta is now 65.

Debbie chose to leave the industry to complete her education. She became a florist, an event planner and is now the owner of her own floral and event design company.  

Gretl Von Trapp

The youngest Gretl Von Trapp was played by Kym Karath who's currently 63.

She continued acting until the late 1980s. She then established Aurelia Foundation, a charity that provides services for high-school leavers with disabilities. It was close to her heart as her son faced his own personal struggles.

If you'd like to watch the 'Do-Re-Mi' sing-along: