Ed Sheeran reveals the city he'd live in if he wasn't so attached to his hometown

Must See 18/06/2022

The city Ed Sheeran would definitely live in, if he was not attached to his hometown, is our very own capital city ‘Wellington’.  Four years ago, he did mention Wellington to be his favourite city in the world!

Our team from the Breeze Auckland, Robert & Jeanette chatted with Ed and he has just annnounced his two additional NZ shows in Auckland and Wellington for his Mathematic New Zealand tour in February 2023. 

Auckland’s famous Eden Park is where he will be performing his Auckland shows for two nights.

As Robert said, ‘Ed is the first-ever artist to perform TWO  nights in Eden Park’. How exciting!

So we thought why not chat with him from Eden Park and also give Ed a quick tour! Nick Sautner, CEO of Eden Park was quickly on board, and the grand concert announcement chat happened live from Eden Park.

Ed was on the big screen during the chat!

Ed revealed his ‘Mathematics tour’ to be the biggest concert he has ever done, and will be the last one for a long time.

“There’s like flames, pyrotechnics, and we’ve got fireworks and huge screens”.

Because I think that this is going to be the last like very, very, very big tour that I’m going to do for a long time because now I have kids.

“So I basically just wanted to do the biggest, best thing".

Apparently, Ed and his wife Cherry did not ‘hide’ their pregnancy and letting the world know his firstborn’s name ‘Lyra’ to the word was a mistake.

“If I could go back and not tell the world Lyra’s name,I would do that.That was a mistake” Ed said. 

Ed also revealed the story behind the photo with the Queen where she looks 'very delighted' to meet him. But turns out, she had no idea who he was at that time.

Ed Sheeran loves Aotearoa and it really shows!

From wanting to live in Wellington city to revealing that he has an 'unbreakable bond' with New Zealand! He even said working in New Zealand for 'Hobbits' was his top 3 experiences of his entire career. Ed spilled all of his love in this recent chat with Robert and Jeanette.

Watch the full chat with Ed live from Eden Park below:

Being a massive supporter of Blues, Robert had to ask if Ed could give a shoutout to Blues as they play their finals on Saturday 18.06.22, and we certainly did not expect him to say that! 

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