An Ed Sheeran lookalike was mobbed at a concert and you might've mistaken him too!


An Ed Sheeran lookalike was enjoying the singer's Manchester concert like all the other fans when his uncanny resemblance to the star caused chaos.

Wes Bryne was asked by security to move for his own safety after being swarmed by fans, who ended up blocking the aisles.

The doppelganger, along with his sister and eight-year-old nephew, weren’t too concerned as their seats were upgraded to the VIP area.

Wes being confused as Ed

"I get asked for selfies a lot, but I wasn't expecting that," Wes told the BBC.

Once the first person asked for a selfie, that was it. People were blocking the stairs, and security said it was a fire risk.

"Most people knew I was a lookalike, but they just wanted a picture with me, although I do think a few kids thought I was the real Ed, and I wasn't going to ruin it for them."

Ed Sheeran and his lookalike Wes

It's not the first time Wes had been confused for the singer.

When Ed was first emerging on the music scene, Wes said he had to whip out his passport to convince fans on a night out that he wasn't the real Ed Sheeran.

"At first I didn't even know who they meant because Ed wasn't famous then, but people were insisting I was this guy," Wes recalled.

Wes was approached by an agency to work as a double in a 2019 Heinz advert.

Ed Sheeran 2019 ad

"I stood in for him for all the back-of-the-head and side shots," he said. "I got to meet him too which was brilliant."

Wes said he would continue to do lookalike work in addition to his job as a binman for "as long as it lasts" and said "anything I get goes towards the mortgage."

Honestly, I would too!

Looks like he’s got a pretty good gig going, and being mistaken as one of the biggest musicians in the world seems to be the best form of flattery.