How Calum Scott "parted ways" with music while creating new album 'Bridges'

music news 22/06/2022

Calum Scott joined Robert Scott over zoom following the release of Calum's latest album 'Bridges'.

In the chat, he talked about the importance of holding on the roots for an artist like himself, his first panic attack, his journey to the Britain's Got Talent and the process of making this album during lockdown. Within his BGT journey, he mentioned forming a band named 'Maroon 4', inspired by 'Maroon 5'. 

The 33-year-old singer shared how his sister, Jane has been his number one supporter since day 1, from secretly putting his name for competitions to encouraging him to apply for Britain's Got Talent (BGT). 

Before BGT, Calum and his sister did not make it through X Factor auditions, so Calum lost interest in taking part in shows like this. However, his sister convinced him to audition for BGT with her, and he even managed to earn the 'Golden Buzzer' from Simon Cowell. 

Jane had a huge influence on his career, and as a grateful brother, he 'repays' in a rather special way. 

"Having settled into my role now like I bring my sister in into as much as I can, she's been to Nashville with me for songwriting. She opens for me in certain shows" Calum said.

I'm definitely trying to pay back how she's influenced such a life changing career. 

Calum Scott’s new album ‘Bridges’ released last Friday on June 17. He feels as though he has leaked his own album, as he has had these songs under his belt for about three years. And now people are listening to them and are claiming it as their favourite songs!

“It’s just bizarre, but yeah, very happy,” he said.

Due to lockdowns, he had to get used to the new norm of collaborating virtually which was a bit difficult for him to adjust at first. 

He felt demotivated and mentioned parting ways with music for a bit. 

I kind of parted ways with music for about a month or so and then ended up getting into Zoom sessions and being pushed out of my comfort zone

“At the end of the day, Rob, I remember being in my human resources office working a 9 to 5 job and just dreaming of what I do. So yeah, it’s very surreal to be in Australia talking to New Zealand about my second album in a while” he told Robert Scott. 

Calum Scott’s New Zealand tour is on November 15 at The Powerstation, Auckland. 

Watch the full interview above.