Benny Andersson responds to Dave Grohl's ABBA t-shirt with Foo Fighters piano cover

Must See 30/06/2022

ABBA‘s Benny Andersson has paid tribute to Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, after he wore an ABBA shirt on stage at Glastonbury Music Festival.

Andersson threw the love right back at the rockstar on Instagram, by playing a beautiful piano cover of the Foo Fighters' song ‘Learn to Fly’ before flashing his own Foo's shirt to the camera.

If you missed it, Grohl performed alongside Paul McCartney and Bruce Sprinsgteen in a special appearance on the festival's Pyramid Stage.

Grohl was seen proudly wearing a black shirt with the gold ABBA emblem written across his chest.

Dave Grohl performing at Glastonbury

Fans loved the interaction between the two artists with one Instagram commneter calling it a "class act".

Others are holding their breath for a collaboration between the two.

ABBA are currently performing their Voyage concert in London, so could a Dave Grohl cameo be a possibility?

Considering the Foo Fighters frontman has always been vocal about his love for ABBA, once saying he was open to the idea of playing the drums for the group, I wouldn’t write it off just yet.