A simple genius hack to stop your car windows from fogging up in the morning

Must See 09/06/2022

Winter is here so that means if you want to use your car in the morning you will be facing the annoying moment when your car windows are all fogged up.

You get in the car, turn the heat on and wait for what feels like forever for the windows to become clear enough to drive. It's one of the worst things of winter!

But apparently there’s a weird but wonderful hack that can help solve our age old issue that effects almost everyone.

Grab an old sock, fill it with kitty litter, tie it up/fold it over on itself so it’s sealed, and leave it on your dashboard!

The kitty litter absorbs dampness/moisture that gets trapped in your car, meaning it doesn’t fog up your window.

The hack was shared by Dax Hacks on Youtube.