"I'm eliminating myself" MasterChef NZ contestant leaves competition in emotional farewell

MasterChef New Zealand 21/06/2022

Emotions were running high amongst the judges and contestants of MasterChef New Zealand, as 20-year-old Farzana Rahimi eliminated herself from the competition.

The student-teacher, who through the MasterChef competition wowed the judges with her take on Afghan food, decided to exit the competition on her terms as fellow contestants Amberley and Jason were about to face a potential elimination.

The Aucklander shared how she missed her family and had never been away for them as long as she had been during the show.

"It's been an incredible journey, and I've been so privileged and honoured to have gone through this with you guys and to have been a part of the MasterChef experience."

I've learned so much about cooking, about socialising, about myself, more importantly, and something I've come to learn about myself is to know when it's enough.

Turning to a very teary Amberly and Jason, she encouraged them to keep going, as they had "more than enough" to offer.

"You just need to make sure that you give it your all and you make me proud."

"I will be forever grateful to each and every person. Thank you for everything you've taught me. The laughs we've had, the cries we've had, every little bit of it is something that I will forever treasure."

So this is the end of my journey and the beginning of a new chapter for me. I guess I'm eliminating myself.

Judge Nadia Lim warned Amberley and Jason that they should this elimination "as a close call."

"Today, Farzana has given you guys a lifeline."

The next episodes of MasterChef New Zealand continue Sunday - Tuesdays on Three and ThreeNow.