Woman shares a 'genius' hack to ripen hard avocado in 24 hours

Must See 24/05/2022

Caroline Groth went viral on Instagram after sharing a video of how she revealed her genius hack to soften a hard avocado in just one day.

This is for anyone who needs a ripe avocado as soon as possible!

"Guys, Green Skin + Shepard Avocado season means I legit need a spreadsheet to keep track of when I’ll have avocados to eat because they take foreeeeeeeever to ripen. 😩But no more… insert the best 101 life hack ever," she wrote in the caption.

She placed the hard avocado in a paper bag with a kiwi fruit in it.Then she simply left it for 24 hours to get the 'perfect riped avocado'. 

Kiwi apparently releases 'ethylene gas' which happens to be a major plant hormone released to induce ripening.

'The paper bag traps the gas so the process works faster meaning you’ll have ripe avocados in 24 hours,' Caroline wrote. 

Many have thanked her for this 'life hack'.

"This is life changing!!! Thank you' one user wrote.

"It also works with banana in a brown paper bag" another wrote.

"NEEDED THIS ❤️" a third wrote.