New Whittakers 'Refresh' and 'Relax' flavours are coming

NZ 19/05/2022

Just ten days after announcing the white chocolate 'Blondie' flavour, Whittakers have announced two more new flavours, and they're much more adventurous than usual. 

The ‘Relax’ flavour combines Whittaker’s creamy milk chocolate with Peppermint and Lavender, while the ‘Refresh’ flavour merges it with Passionfruit and Chamomile.

Holly Whittaker, the company’s co-Chief Operating Officer, says that both flavours have “been expertly crafted just so, to take you away for a minute”.

We're fully aware of the many, many positive impacts chocolate has on our lives, but we hadn't really thought about it being used as a tool for relaxation. Only one way to find out! 

Commenters on Facebook seem pretty excited to try out the new flavours. 

"Before you ask, yes, these are on my shopping list, right below wine and cat food," one commenter wrote.   

Another loves the vibes the new flavours are giving off: "One to get you Going, one to get you Slowing & flavour combos sound perfect, hurry up Monday I say."

There was some confusion over how the new flavours would translate on the tastebuds,  "Unsure whether the lavender will muddy the flavours a bit? Intrigued by the passionfruit combo, very different. Bring on MONDAY!!!!"

"Not sure about refresh, never really been a Peppermint and chocolate fan,” another said.

Some chocolate lovers were keen to see the new flavours made with dark chocolate too, so we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for that!