What happens to all that delicious leftover food on MasterChef?

Must See 24/05/2022

We love everything about MasterChef, especially drooling over the mouth-watering meals, but there is one thing we'd like to figure out once and for all… 

What happens to all that leftover food? 

Does it go to the other contestants?
Do the judges go back and eat it all?
Or does it go straight into the bin?

Well, we have your answer - kind of. 

Let's start with the meals that were not chosen by the judges to be eaten. What happens to them?

Eliminated 'favourite' Masterchef Australia contestant John Carasig claims in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle:

I think they just get chucked out.

“Which is a shame, because I would rather have that for lunch than the lunch that we were getting in the green room.”  

“We’re actually not allowed to touch anyone’s food,” John continued. 

Just like the contestants, we would be more than happy to take some of those dishes off their hands!

Although that seems like a terrible waste, the same can't be said for the fresh produce in the show’s heavenly pantry.

MasterChef pantry

MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo told News.com.au that despite the show's constant replenishment of fresh produce, waste is low and when there is food leftover from the MasterChef pantry, it's not thrown away.

“We do what’s called the crew pantry where the crew nominate a charity to give to and put a donation into the jar then they take whatever they want from the crew pantry,” Jock told the publication.

“What’s left after that goes to (the charity) SecondBite. Then there’s the waste. We’ve got a very fine composting machine which turns food waste into compostable material that goes into the MasterChef garden.”

SecondBite is an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to reducing food waste, rescuing food, and ensuring that it reaches those who are going without.

Now that's more like it! 

We can only hope there will be a similar solution in place on the upcoming season of MasterChef NZ, which is due to hit Kiwi screens soon. 

The new judges for the Kiwi version of the show have been announced as previous winner and entrepreneur Nadia Lim, world-renowned three-hatted NZ chef Vaughan Mabee, and multi-award-winning restaurateur Michael P Dearth. 

You can meet the contestants who will be taking on the challenge here