Viral video shows how women and men enter car differently

Must See 04/05/2022

We definitely had to think for a while, after watching the video.

Tik Tok user @colbyschnacky shared a video on how his sister had a theory that women and men entered cars differently. 

Colby says men enter with their bottom first while women enter with their heads first. He then demonstrated how he and his sister entered a car. 

The video has garnered over 21.2 million views at the moment.

Few people have wondered if it was because of the seats that they entered differently.

"Driver vs passenger... Now switch" one user wrote. 

He responded with a video and surprisingly the theory still worked. 

"I work at a hospital and since I saw your video, I’ve been sitting in the parking lot watching people. Accurate 90% 😂" one viewer wrote.

The video has got some viewers thinking about how they usually enter their cars (including us).

"I can’t remember how I get in the car after the last video😂😂" one viewer wrote.

To which Colby replied, "haha got me thinking too".