Topp Twins finally reunite on their birthday after 4.5 months of being apart

NZ 16/05/2022

Happy birthday Lynda and Jools!

The Topp Twins shared a photo of them after finally reuniting on their 64th birthday. 

"It's been 4 months & 13 days since we've seen each other. So nice to be together for our birthday" they wrote on their post.

A text saying, 'Best Present Together Again' is on their black and white selfie photo. Them being together again is the best birthday present for both of them.

They had to stay apart, in order to protect each other as they are both battling breast cancer

In the recent update from the twins, they shared that Jools had completed her treatment so could travel to where Lynda is, so this picture could have been taken in Cantebury where Lynda is currently based. 

So good to see them together, especially on their special day!