Paul McCartney finds a unique way to perform a duet with John Lennon on stage

music news 03/05/2022

Sir Paul McCartney performed a special duet on the opening night of his 'Got Back US tour. 

Sir Paul McCartney sang 'I've Got A Feeling' on stage with his Beatles bandmate John Lennon, after more than 50 years. It was rather a unique duet. As Paul sang and played the guitar on the stage, a video of John Lennon singing played on the big screen.

The footage of John Lennon is singing is from Peter Jackson's Disney+ documentary The Beatles: Get back which was released in November 2021.

"Peter Jackson said 'I can pull John's voice out if you'd like me to' " Sir Paul told the crowd.

Filled with emotions, "'They said 'get back', and we got back. And it feels cool" he said. 

You'll have to give me a moment to myself, just to let me take this in.


This was the first time in three years since he last performed on stage.