Kiwi Supermarkets now charging over $20 for block of tasty cheese

Must See 19/05/2022

Just when we thought the cost of living couldn't get any more shocking, the record-breaking new price of cheese has left our jaws on the floor.  

A 1kg block of Mainland tasty cheese can now set you back up to $21.50, compared to the $18.20 it was going for last year.

The price rise comes as “a direct result of the record prices that farmers are getting for dairy at the moment” Countdown’s head of perishables Nikhil Sawant told Stuff.

He added that these record prices are due to an “incredibly strong international demand for New Zealand dairy”.

cheeses on a supermarket shelf

The average price of the cheapest block of cheese across all supermarkets has risen from $10.41 a kg in April last year to $12.31 this year.

We can't imagine a world without cheese - tragic! - but the thought of handing over more than $20 for a block is almost too much to bear. 

Guess we'll have to hold off on making a cheese platter or two for the next wee while.