MasterChef NZ reveals it's three new judges

NZ 02/05/2022

World's most loved cooking show is coming back to Aotearoa after seven years.

 Masterchef NZ has just revealed its judges for the season. 

Previous winner and entrepreneur Nadia Lim, world-renowned three-hatted NZ chef Vaughan Mabee and multi-award-winning restaurateur Michael P Dearth, have been revealed as the new judges of this season. 

In the exciting promo video by Masterchef NZ, the judges shared their expectations. 

"I am looking for artistry. Something visually spectacular" Vaughan said. 

"I want daring, passion, excellence. I want the first taste to blow me away" Michael said. 

"I want something unexpected that unique explosion of flavour" Nadia said. 

The judges also shared with Newshub what they're looking for in a Masterchef.

Nadia Lim said, "I'm looking for someone who's got fire, inner spark, someone who knows their purpose.  Experience is one thing but attitude is everything".

"You want to find someone who really enjoys what they're doing, it's not a task, it's like they love creating something, they have a huge amount of drive and passion and they love doing it" Vaughan said. 

"Some of the contestants will fail and some will have setbacks, but it's the ones that can learn from our feedback that will set them apart," Michael said.

As of now, the dates are still unknown. 

MasterChef NZ is produced by Screentime NZ for Warner Bros Discovery. The show will be aired on Three and Three now.