Massive Michael Bublé fan gets an autograph on her toe

Must See 20/05/2022

Well, it's not every day a fan asks for an autograph on their toe? One fan flew all the way to Las Vegas to meet Michael Bublé and had a rather unusual request. 

User @bobbialthoff shared a video of her meet and greet with the singer. 

In the video, the fan greets Michael Bublé and requests, “Can you sign my toe?"

“Your toe?” asks Michael Bublé looking a bit confused about what he just heard. He quickly processes it and looks for a pen. 

“Your toe seriously?” he asks again to confirm what he just heard. 

Knowing that she's pregnant, he offers his knee to let the lady rest her foot. He then goes down on a knee and signs her toe like it's something normal.

She quickly asks if she could keep the pen that he just used, and as confused as he looks, he says of course. 

A very memorable meet & greet for both the singer and the fan.