Leaked script reveals Charlene & Scott's fate in 'Neighbours' TV soap finale

Must See 09/05/2022

Scott and Charlene will get thet perfect ending after Aussie TV soap 'Neighbours' finishes its series after 37 years.

According to a UK gossip newsletter, the 80's teen stars Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue, who played Scott and Charlene, have already returned to Ramsay Street and "quietly got their scene in the can."

Of course, the below comes with spoilers about the final episode - so be warned! 

Scroll down to see the spoilers.

According to popbitch.com, a leaked script has been doing the rounds, that says Scott and Charlene have a small appearance in the last episode (with little storyline), however it will be the final scene of the series.

The two of them pull up in a car, step out and bring the curtain down with the line: “We’re home.”

The website does warn that this script "may well be a decoy" but we think this would be a fitting end to the series, after its 37-year run on TV.

Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan's characters were known to be the most popular of the series, with over 22 million people having viewed their televised wedding in 1987.