Kiwi woman searches for her robot vacuum cleaner as it takes off after being put on charge

NZ 04/05/2022

Where did it go? No one knows! (as of now) But this story will make your day. 

Just recently a woman from Whangamatā posted on the local notice board page asking if anyone had seen a robot vacuum cleaner in the area.

"I know this sounds mad but has anyone seen a irobot vacum cleaner 902 end of port road" Vivienne wrote on the post.

She had just put it on charge after a long time of not using it and just storing it in the cupboard. She did hear the vaccum start-up and later when she went to check it, it had disappeared from where she first left it to charge. 

"I did have garage door open and am now wondering if it took off down driveway i really cant find it in house".

Someone commented "Those things need a go-pro or a "find my irobot" app "

To which the woman replied, "hi i was charging it up so i could set it up on my phone app but she got away on me but i think they can tell you where they are if set up is right".

Everyone's been getting a good laugh and the post has definitely been making everyone's day. 

"I imagine everyone is leaving their doors open tonight hoping for a free clean " One user commented.

"I feel you pain! Our robot went into the bathroom and pushed closed the door; four of us spent 45 minutes looking for him ignoring the closed door! He has been called Houdini ever since. Hope your escape Artist is found!" another user shared their experience with their robot vacuum cleaner.

"Oh i love it - definitely didn't like being locked up in a cupboard saw door open and is now having an adventure - which end of Port Road?" a third wrote.

Many are absolutely invested in the story ( so are we). 

"Priceless... not laughed out loud ... so funny  hope it comes back home"

We hope it finds its way back home too!

Vivienne has commented that she will definitely come back with an update if its found.