Kiwi woman gifted her mum a winning lotto ticket for Mother's Day

NZ 11/05/2022

Imagine getting a lotto ticket as a gift, only to check and realize all the numbers are matching and you've just become a millionaire!

This became a reality for one lucky mum from New Plymouth when her daughter surprised and gifted her a lotto ticket on Mother's Day.

Knowing that Powerball First Division had been won in New Plymouth, the daughter checked if it was a winning ticket, prior to putting it inside the card. 

The woman told Lotto, that she asked her mum to open the card first. 

“I pulled out the ticket, and she insisted I check the numbers straight away – and brought up the Lotto results on her phone. I went through the first line, circling one number after another, after another…until finally I had all of them circled, right there on the first line. I couldn’t believe it – I felt completely numb,” her mum said. 

“The kids were so excited! It was certainly a Mother’s Day to remember" she added.  

The woman is looking forward to making the most out of her winnings.

“I always said if I won Lotto I would use the money to help out the kids. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do – and maybe take the family on holiday at some point."

Such a lucky and special win!