John Lennon's son Julian Lennon confirms that 'Hey Jude' was written for him

music news 25/05/2022

Did you know the classic song 'Hey Jude' from The Beatles was actually written for John Lennon's son Julian?

Sir Paul McCartney penned the song to cheer then five-year-old Julian who was upset about his parents, John and Cynthia's separation.

John had admitted to being an uncommitted father, and husband. He also admitted being almost absent from Julian's childhood.

Julian did reconcile with his father later during his final years before his tragic death. 

Julian revealed that in the initial stage of the song, instead of Jude, it was 'Hey Jules'.

"And it was very much written about him thinking about me and my circumstances and that I needed to be strong and at the end of the day, find my way through this mess that I was going to be in…" Julian told Elton John in a recent interview.

The 59 years old singer has also revealed that his new album is called 'JUDE'.  This was his childhood nickname and the title is also a nod to 'Hey Jude' , a song Sir Paul McCartney wrote to the five-year-old Julian. 

"I think I honoured the song and I think I honoured where I've come from, my legacy, so to speak, my heritage. I think, again, now just felt like the right time, because life is too short and this felt perfect for this moment, too" he added.