James Corden and Harry Styles made a music video in a fan's apartment

Must See 31/05/2022

Imagine if James Corden and Harry Styles came knocking to your door to shoot a music video! Would you let them in?

Well, this actually happened in the streets of Brooklyn in New York City, and after two 'no', someone finally let them in and turns it out they're a fan.  As the saying goes, 'third time's a charm' ! Of course, it was a yes, yes and a yes!! Four fan-girls let the crew in their apartment and the music video shoot started.

Without giving away any spoilers, if you were wondering if the girls got to be in the Harry Styles music video? Yes, they definitely got to!

Director James Corden got into his role and starts directing the music video. 

"I can't stress this enough, this was all James' idea," Harry said halfway through making the video.

"Should we just scrap it? Is too late for a Carpool Karaoke?" he joked.

From asking to film in a random stranger's apartment to a pizza delivery guy being pulled in for the final shot, it definitely will be a memorable shoot for everyone involved.

We think the music video turned out absolutely amazing!

Watch the making of the 'Daylight' Music Video and the music video below: